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Me and my friends are all ubergeeks. We can't have two or more of us together without geeking out on some topic or another. As a number of us are coding geeks, and coding geeks love Perl, we sometimes share Perl knowledge.

Local::Geekery is a gathering place for nifty Perl tidbits. Whether it be the 'uniq' function that Perl has been missing for years, or a cool complex data sorting technique, Local::Geekery will have it.

The module consists of various routines the geeks of our clan have maintained privately over the years. Usually the ones these geeks have been re-using in every script they've ever written. We decided to create Local::Geekery as a means of sharing that knowledge with our fellow geeks, and to have a single place to maintain the code.

So I am not so much the author of this module as the editor. I've gathered these tidbits from the clan, formatted them, put them in the module, documented them, et cetera. The ideas behind the code are not always going to be mine.

If you find this module useful or if you have something to contribute, please let me know! I can be contacted using the address jason with this domain name.